Thank you for stopping by my website for my books for kids. Join Skylar and Scout Maroni on their real-to-life quest to be butterfly champions and make a difference in the world by saving monarch butterflies from disappearing from North America forever. It’s harder and more wonderful than they ever thought it could be…

Sky Maroni’s parents said inheriting great-grandpa’s farmhouse, and leaving Chicago to live in the countryside, would be a life-changing event. Sky agreed, just not quite the way her parents hoped, making her realize something important—kids’ opinions don’t count. Because kids aren’t doing important things that make a difference, nobody really listens to them.

In her new home, Sky fights loneliness by exploring the fields and meadows, with her pesky little brother Scout. There she discovers the plight of the vanishing monarch butterflies. Their numbers are going down so fast that experts fear within a few years monarch butterflies could be wiped out of North America forever.

Deciding they can’t let that happen, Sky and Scout begin a quest to save the monarchs and make a difference in the world. They soon find that saving monarchs can be wonderful, yet heartbreaking, and much harder than they ever expected

BUTTERFLY SUMMER Quest to Save the Monarchs weaves together the beauty and science of butterflies. Following Sky and Scout on their quest will touch your heart and make you smile.

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It’s tough to be a champion for anything when you’re the new kid in school and you start the year by running afoul of the school bully. Sky Maroni just wants two things: to make new friends who accept her as she is, and to fulfill her promise to be a champion for monarch butterflies, who are in danger of disappearing from North America forever. Why, then, are both things so hard for her?

Carter Hayes is a starter on the football team, the leader of a popular crowd of kids, and a bully. When he and his friends pick on Sky and her new friend Lily, Sky tries to stand up to the bullies. But it doesn’t work and only makes things worse. Carter carries a grudge. Making friends has always been hard for Sky, and it doesn’t help that her new friends, her only friends, are the kids that Carter also picks on – kids who have challenges of their own. Boys and girls like Sky, who just don’t fit in.

Sky must stand up to Carter and his henchmen, who seem to cause trouble and heartbreak everywhere, and who put her new friendships to the test.

Sky just wants two things. Is that really too much to ask?

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