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About Siri

Siri lives in Wisconsin, but loves to explore the United States in an old RV (recreational vehicle) with her husband John, along with a Shetland Sheepdog named Smokey, and Puddie Tat, a calico cat with too many toes. When she’s not writing, Siri can be found raising monarch butterflies, tending her butterfly garden or curled up reading a good book.

A Personal Note From Siri

Because the plight of the vanishing monarch butterflies is true, I also hand-raise monarchs from eggs I collect from the fields and meadows, just like Sky and Scout do. When the butterflies are ready for release, I enlist other people to share the experience. This is where the real fun starts. As they touch and interact with the butterflies, adults and kids alike respond with such excitement, sense of wonder and sometimes tears, that it makes each butterfly release a truly amazing, almost magical, experience that never gets old. BUTTERFLY SUMMER Quest to Save the Monarchs embodies that feeling. I hope this book inspires you to do what you can to help save the monarchs. It will take each of us to do our small part if we are to truly make a difference.

When I began BUTTERFLY SUMMER I had imagined this as a short story for early readers. But, Sky and Scout would not let me rest until I told the whole story. Even now they are clamoring for me to tell more. So, be on the lookout for more of Sky’s and Scout’s adventures, coming soon!

Thank you for reading this book. If you enjoyed it, please tell your friends, parents, teachers, and of course, your librarians. Let’s spread the word to help the butterflies.

Happy Reading,
Siri DiSavona

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