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Here’s what everyday readers are saying about BUTTERFLY SUMMER Quest to Save the Monarchs!

From M. K. (raises monarch butterflies with 11 year old daughter) ~ Excellent read for kids of all ages, including the kids-at-heart!! My daughter and I were given an advanced copy of BUTTERFLY SUMMER which we read together and were both highly impressed! It’s often difficult to get her to read but this was a book she couldn’t put down, and neither could I! The author artfully described the rich landscape so well, I could almost feel the warm sun on my face and hear the bees buzzing around Lilliput meadow. All of the characters were very relatable and by the end of the book, we felt like we knew them personally. The scientific elements were very accurate; it’s obvious the author did thorough research before writing this book. It’d make a great addition to any classroom and library and would be an excellent supplement to a school’s butterfly program. I would highly recommend this book and I’m thrilled to give it 5 stars, it earned them by the end of the first chapter!

From C. P. (children’s book author) ~ This is a great tale of two children plucked out of Chicago and plunked down on a farm in Wisconsin who learn a lot during their “Butterfly Summer.” Science educators will find great lessons about butterflies for their students in a way that is entertaining and engaging. I learned a lot in this book.

From K. K. L. (former science teacher) ~ As a former science teacher I would have totally loved having a book like this in my classroom. I like the appendix with vocabulary, diagrams, and scientists. I learned a lot about the German scientist mentioned- very fascinating. I think this is very age appropriate for late elementary, middle school/ jr high.

From A. K. (11 year old monarch butterfly raiser) ~ A few months ago I was asked to read a book to before it was released to review it. That book is called Butterfly Summer and it’s about a kid who moves to a new house and finds a meadow full of flowers and learns all about monarchs. Here’s the review I wrote about it:
I was given an advanced copy of Butterfly Summer to read and review and it did not feel like a chore. I am 11 years old and only like to read books that I think are good and I sure did love to read this. I know  it was not because I raise and release Monarchs myself like Sky and Scout, it was because it was just that good. Butterfly Summer is just the right mix of fun-to-read fiction and cool-to-read science!

From V. G. (retired school teacher) ~ What a wonderful kids novel about a sister and brother adjusting to a move from city to country. It’s full of fun and mischief and discovery, as lessons are learned about nature and the environment- -and the plight of the dwindling Monarch butterfly. You’ll find yourself rooting for the pair as they embark on a plan to save the Monarch- -as you soak up lots of facts. Also, there is some really fun information in the back of the book.
Butterfly Summer would be an excellent addition to a school library or science class. Great read!

From R. G. ~ Kids and parents will love this book. Great lesson in how someone can make a difference. Families will enjoy the message. Kids will enjoy the illustrations. Good family book.
I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

From J. B-J. ~ Environmental and Life Lessons
Such a powerful book in several ways! A young girl and her little brother have been uprooted from their Chicago home and moved into their grandparents’ home in Wisconsin. There are some settling-in issues before the children come to appreciate the difference between city and country life. Both children are upset to learn about the endangered monarch butterflies, and they want to do something about it. This book gently teaches environmental lessons as well as facts about the monarch butterfly. And it also teaches children that one person can make a difference, even if the path isn’t easy. That is empowering but realistic, which I love in a children’s book. At the end of the book, too, the authors have included more information about the monarch butterfly and accurate illustrations of a monarch caterpillar and the butterfly. The story is so good that children will probably have questions about the monarch butterfly after reading the story, so it’s fantastic that the authors included this. The story itself is well done, though at times I thought the narrator used bigger words and more complex phrasing than a child that age would. Certainly, some descriptions seemed more adult. But that is my only complaint. I think this book is well done and would be enjoyable for children.
I received a free copy of this book, but that did not affect my review.

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