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BUTTERFLY CHAMPIONS Time to Take a Stand – Due out November 15! Cover Reveal November 7!
      It’s tough to be a champion for anything when you’re the new kid in school and you start the year by running afoul of the school bully. Sky Maroni just wants two things: to make new friends who accept her as she is, and to fulfill her promise to be a champion for monarch butterflies, who are in danger of disappearing from North America forever. Why, then, are both things so hard for her?
      Carter Hayes – starter on the football team, leader of a popular crowd of kids – is a bully. When he and his friends pick on Sky and her new friends, Sky tries to stand up to them. But it doesn’t work and only makes things worse because Carter carries a grudge. Making friends has always been hard for Sky, and it doesn’t help that her new friends, her only friends, are the kids that Carter also picks on – kids who have challenges of their own. Boys and girls like Sky, who just don’t fit in. And Sky so badly wants to fit in.
      Sky must stand up to Carter and his henchmen, who seem to cause trouble and heartbreak everywhere, and who put Sky’s new friendships to the test. Sky just wants two things. Is that really too much to ask?

      Sky’s and Scout’s birthdays are almost here. Because their birthday’s are only two days apart, their parents always take them to do something special on the one day — their Bud Day — between their two birthdays. It’s always a surprise and they always receive a special gift as a clue. One year they received a magnifying glass, another year binoculars. Living in downtown Chicago there were always plenty of exciting things to do. Now, they have just moved into their new home, great-grandpa’s old farmhouse in the rolling hills of Wisconsin. So what will it be this year? When they see their clue they are totally confused. But, when they uncover the surprise, they both agree it’s a Super Duper Birthday Surprise.

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