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      Sky’s and Scout’s birthdays are almost here. Their birthdays are so close together there is only one day in between. Every year on that in-between day, their Bud Day, their parents treat them to a special shared birthday surprise and they always give them a special gift as a clue. Last year their clue was a magnifying glass. (Can you guess what that might have been for?) The year before, the clue was a pair of very small binoculars. (What about this one; can you guess?) Living in downtown Chicago there were always plenty of exciting things to do. But now, they’ve moved into their new home, great-grandpa’s old farmhouse in the Wisconsin countryside where there’s nothing but rolling farm fields, barns and cows. So what will it be this year? When they see their clue they are totally confused. But, when they uncover the surprise, they both agree it’s the Super Duper Best Birthday Surprise Ever.

     Sky and her new friends embark on a trip to Camp Willow Glen, a posh summer camp in northern Wisconsin, only to find it isn’t all it was advertised to be. They’re just looking for fun. Instead they find their friendships tested as disaster comes looking for them.

     Carter Hayes is a starter on the football team, the leader of a popular crowd of kids, and a bully. When he and his friends pick on Sky and her new friend Lily, Sky tries to stand up to the bullies. But it doesn’t work and only makes things worse. Carter carries a grudge.
     But every story has two sides. This is Carter’s turn to tell his story.

     Scout is Scout. But it wasn’t always so. He has a “real” name, so how did he become “Scout”? This is Scout’s turn to tell his story.

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